Apple Iphone 5 In Market by 4 October

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Reading On a Technology Blog,I get a news of launch of the new IPhone From Apple this October 4.Its Apple  Fifth Birthday Anniversary.Finally after a long wait of 16 months and many other problems like change of its head, Apple confirmed about its new IPhone 5 launch on this very October 4 at its headquarters in California.

It`s being fifteen months from the the launch of apple 4 iPhones whose sales are around 15 lacks till this month.This is huge sale figure.Apple Developers are expecting same for their new products.So far apple has set up its brand in the 101 countries  and still building its network.

Almost every blog and technology guides wants to know the hardware and software optimizations of this new IPhone.


This next Generation IPhone will surely be a subject of attraction and speculations.Its having a 8-Mega Pixels Camera,longer span of battery backup,a booster processer and availability of Sprints Networks.The Device may have the no home button,supports 4-G networks and a lot more.

Some More :

Despite the launch of 5,the sale of 4 has not been affected as the rates of iPhone are estimated to be 1000$ In market.However the exact figures will be know on October 4.

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