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To make a successfull,traffic generating blog is not an hectic work until you really know how to start up!It only takes few seconds to start a blog and in same time it takes months to become a successful blogger .I know the reality its self .
In this post I will tell you all about how to create a successful post for your blog/website.
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Here Are some Key Features

  • Strenght Of An Article:
he first most essential thing is the length of the words you use in your article.Generally the large articles do not get the audience as the small and apt gets.So try to be specific about your article.
Try to mobilize the user so that they are have no dilemma in visiting again.
  • Vocabulary:
The Vocabulary is about the words you use in your post.Do not use the the dictionary words,try to speak in common language.Try to explain the visitor as if he knew nothing.
  • Title Of Post:
The title should not exceed the word limit of 66 words as after that the search results show ..symbol.Here is a tool by which you can choose your title in more appropriate way.
  • Topic Of Post:
This is the most important part of the article writing.Try to find what's happening in the internet.

You can use various tools to get the latest out in world.(Its necessary because otherwise you won`t get the traffic if you post about anything old and infamous)

Various Web Tool`s Are:
1.Blog Search:This is a service allow you to search the blog on internet and you will get the latest marked at the top.

2.Use Google Alert System:Just enter the keyword and you will get the popular in searches."See the screen-shot below"
Google Alert Screen

3.Use the Google Keywords Tool Effectively:

This tool let you know how to choose the keywords of the post and blog.This tool show the competition level of the keyword.Try to choose the keyword which is having least completion.
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This is new keyword in blogosphere. This is about checking if the article you are writing is not already available on Internet.I didn't`t found any best article checker.These web tools require some money.So if you are earning hand you must have an account of these article checker companies on net.Like Grammarly.

At Last, I would say one thing that I have spent hours researching for this.There was no one to help me in this.I ,myself researched all this to help visitors

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