Download Firefox 7 Full Version Offering Improved Memory Handling

The New Firefox 7 Official Version with a super sonic speed .The new browser loads faster and more over the process of loading has been upgraded with the speed considerations.The Google Chrome is the most used browser (according to Google 2011 September Report).But with the drastic new features The Mozilla Firefox has seen the wide popularity,

  • New Featured Fire fox 7:

1.The improved memory Handling:The previous versions of Firefox were not liked due to less memory handlings and low booting speed.But due to large complaints the Developers took that into aspects and modified the new Version..
2.The New Version has hidden http:// prefixes in the bookmarks,address bar and the password protection feature has been upgraded with the new tools for saving password and porting it as and when you require to tranfer it to other PC/Laptop

The New Firefox Is available at the official website

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