Updated Skype iOS-Bluetooth Support and Ads Feature

Skype new Screenshot
This is screen shot of the new skype as seen n Smart Phones by group me

Skype ,a power full app having around 15 million users see a change by introduction of ads.Like the Apple IPhone apps ,Skype has also launched this new agenda in its apps.

IPhone Users are frequently using the Skype now days so Skype tried to monetize their product for getting rid of the Microsoft aspirations to acquire the company again.Skype is being changed to a source of revenue making for safeguard his ownership.

  • With all these rumors,Skype launched the new Bluetooth feature to its apps.This feature made its popularity and attractiveness.The new Bluetooth handset support for Bluetooth for the IPhone 4 or may be for IPhone 5 ,I 3Gs and other Smart Phones.

The bad part is that the ads by Skype Developers at the bottom of app is really annoying .The image transparent that the Skype is not the same as earlier.As shown in above screenshot the new Skype along with the old one.

Above all these I must say that Skype is facing its ruptured phase,let the company make some out of the ads.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011 , 0 Comments