What`s Pottermore By Harry Potter all about?


Harry Potter,The Soul Of film Harry Potter and Seven Versions.
The Lady Behind All these stories is J.K. Rowling.The women who made a small boy, -a super star.

Yes,Its J.K. Rowling the beautiful lady on left side.
She has recently started her new website to pay some online viewers.She hasn`t launched the site for everyone .As its shown on the site that Pottermore.com is in Beta Version.
The site has got lot of visits in lasts many days.

Whats New On Pottermore.COm
  • The site require registrations for access the full site(currently registrations are closed)
  • The site also allow users to purchase the books online
  • It also allow its users to read about the lady,her past,various characters in Harry Potter versions.

Meet J.K. Rowling Facebook

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