How To Set Up Keyboard Shortcuts in iOS 5?

Setting Up Key Board Shortcuts for the iOS 5 is an interesting work until it`s done by the user itself like trying ‘tc’ and the smartphone does rest of the job itself and show it as “Take Care”

The keyboard shortcuts are one of the most coolest feature of the Smarty.Unlike Blackberry users,

They Do Not Require any intro in this aspects because blackberry users are well awarded for that.
But Before the “Tc” change to Take care you have to tell the smart phones for that.

Keyboard Shortcut Screenhot

  • You can setup the keyboard Shortcuts By following Steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose General
  3. Go to keyboard option
  4. Scroll down to see “ShortCuts” option.
  5. Choose “Add A New Shortcut”
  6. Enter the phrase you like to shorten under Phrase option
  7. Enter The Shortcuts Under shortcut
  8. Now, Save by clicking on the upper-right corner.

This is how you can setup a full shortcut hierarchy for your smartphone.

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