How To Purchase A Smart Phone Matching Your Hobbies/Interset

Today mobile phone trends your personality and the showcase of your outlook.
Why not you buy smart Phones Matching Your Hobbies?
Yeah! you can now buy. In this festive season the mobile companies have launched various phones that customer can buy according to his or her hobbies.
Narrowing the intro,I must say that,while purchasing a costly Smart Phone like Nexus,I Phone 5,Androids etc. ,they must add to your personality and you may not be feeling sad after buying such a costly Phone.
Are you thinking of buying new phone,then Must Check what suites your Interest And Hobbies

  • Firstly,The Hobby Of Listening Music:

  1. Nokia X7-
Nokia X7

The Nokia X-7,powered with Symbian ,is a best option for music lovers.The phone has long battery backup and yet another thing is it`s from the most trusted manufacturer i.e. Nokia.
The Cost of Nokia X-7 is around `22,000 rupees or

2. Iphone 4:
Iphone 4

Ahh!! I phone does not need any explanation ,its something very famous in today`s trend.But I think I Phone Must be At 2nd number because of the cost factor which is slightly high.

3.Spice M6400 Dual Enhanced Sim/Spice M6400:

This New phone is under 5,000 range yet having vast scope for music loverz.
The Spice M600 comes with Yamaha speakers which means some thing good is available.

  • Next category would be Photography

1.Iphone 4/5:
For photography , the iPhone hunts every other phone.Its having a 8 mega pixel wide camera with great tools to customize the image.The new IPhone 5, is also loaded with extraordinary clarity and display screen
The screen resolution is also good for taking snaps.But being expensive there is another  phone of Sony Ericsson Xperia

2. The Sony Xeperia Ray/Arc:
Xperia Arc
The Sony Xperia is also photography optimized phone.Featured with New Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and 720p HD video capture.
This Phone Can Be Used for PhotoGraphy.
BUT be Sure that you are buying a phone which cannt be unloacked yet.Yes The Unlocking of Xperia Arc is not Success ful yet.

3.Galaxy S2:
This Phone is made with 8 MP Camera and wide screen of 13 Inches making it to be added in this list too.But read ready for a huge money investment for buying this  Smarty. 

  • The Next IS GAMING (Most Asked Question)

The Gaming is the first requirement of Smart phone Holders.Mapping some of the Smart Phone 

1.Galaxy S-II :
Samsung Galaxy S2
The Galaxy S2 Is the most widely used gaming smarty in today trends.The New Galaxy is Powered with strong processor and better graphics for making the gaming atmosphere for the user.

The htc mobiles are trusted seal for its users and the phone is loaded with extremum features like better display, affordable rates and the cool feature is its Camera
                            Best Phone Under 5,000