How To Change The Profile Image Of Your App On Facebook-visiting profile page

Do you want to change the display image of your apps on article explains you how to visit your App Profile Page and changing your app profile image.The trend for facebook apps is changing day by day.Facebook users after great success of facebook pages moving further for facebook apps for making there business a more wider platform.This general tutorial can help you changing your facebook app profile page completely.
  • How To Change Your FaceBook App Profile Page:
  1. Just sign in to your facebook account as this is requires for further steps.(Leave this step if you already Logged In)
  2. After that open the developers page on facebook
  3. Select Your App From the Left Hand Side Sidebar
  4. Click On "Edit App"Option
  5. After that, click on The "View App Profile Page " link located in left hand sidebar under "Related Links"
  • For Changing The Profile Image Of Your App :
Follow The above steps and after that you will see the profile page in which you can change your profile image like you do for your own image

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