How To Free Upload CSS Files Using DropBox

You might have face a problem of uploading the .css format files for your blog or website.There are various hosting sites on web that can give you free space of uploading your data even if it`s in .css format but the link they provide you for the shared file on net is not with the .css extensions .
Let`s take an example,if you upload a css file at,the best online free hosting space provider.But when i get the link of sharing of the file it`s in format "" which is of no use for me.
But the dropbox is different as it gives you the exact file extention link as that of file like "".This is the what i am talking about.You can see the file is in .css extension.
#Refer the video below to know about the DropBox
  • How to Setup Drop Box To Your Computer
  1. First of all  create a free account at *
  2. After that login to your account 
  3. Download The DropBox.exe file to your system after choosing your operating System like Windows,Linux etc.
  4. Install the setup of Dropbox 
  5. Restart Your System 
  6. After Restarting , The Dropbox window will appear asking you to Log In ,LogIn there and that`s it
  • How To Upload The .css File In DropBox
If you have already setup dropbox then you have to follow following steps only:
  1. Click on the file you want to upload,Copy that File In Your DropBox Folder
  2. After uploading the the file,you will see a notification of file upload completed
  3. Open your DropBox Folder and right click on the file
  4. Move To DropBox, and Click on Publick Link
Now Upload Your .css format file anywhere you want
See the Intro Video For More Help on What Is DropBox and Why To Use It

*The Account at dropbox is present in three types,you can choose the free one offering you 2 GB Data.
I tried my best to explain you the tutorial.Even if you are facing any problem feel free to ask.

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