How To Raise Hands In Facebook?

How To Raise hands is a common query for the users of facebook.They may have come in front of the situation where they don`t know know to raise hands on facebook.Facebook ,though not require any introduction is very famous and most used social networking site ever.

How to raise your hands query

Various big brands are running their official fan pages for the sake of popularity and fame.many times these famous brands ask you some thing
like "Raise Hands If You Liked The Official Video Of bla bla"
Raise Hands Of Facebook means something else actually.It doen`t means raising your own hands ,rather it means  liking the contents of the publisher and enjoying the contents

asker-how to raise hands

If you have seen the like option has resemblance  with raise hands.So this world came into facebook and many persons keep asking how to raise hands on facebook.

Like To Raise Hands
So from now you will be very aware about the phrase-" how to raise hands" and ask your friends to see do they know about this!

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