[Reason] Why Does Your Laptop/PC Keep Freezing?

Laptop Freezing Solutions
Freezing of the laptop/mobile/PC(Personal Computer) does not mean that they are getting cold and making a hizz sound.Here the word freeze refers to the fact that your device work slow and does not work properly.Tehy get hang and you face lot of problem in sorting that.
The main reason that let them freeze is discussed in this post along with various solutions to solve that problems.First of all the talking about the laptops:
  • Top Reasons Why Laptop Freeze:
  1.  Malware /Virus Attack:
 If you are not new to gadgets then you may also know about the term"Virus". But only installing the antivirus for that and feel safe is not right all the time.Some virus are not always detected at time by computer anti viruses.The antivirus programs may take time in finding them and till that time the defaulty virus would have deleted your windows files and made your system a infected device. 
Malware are something like virus but they not affect the  files like the viruses effect.These are generally entered into your system through various software and installers that you download from net or get from friends.

How To Fix it:
    • Just schedule your PC antivirus software to run certain scans daily.This is will reduce your chances of being infected by virus.
    • Always Update Anti Virus to have latest knowledge of viruses. 
 2. Lot`s of Unused Programs Installed:
Many times you install lot of software that  are not used by you for long time they not only occupy your Hard Disk space but also lower your system performance and makes a jack a dull boy.These software are worth use less and may have some registries stored in your pc /
How To Fix:
  1. Just Remove them by going in The "Control Panel" and select an Uninstall option.
3. Your Computer General Configurations :
If your system does not  have the required configurations like Hard Diskette Space,RAM(Random Access Memory) then there is 100% possibility of system hang and bad performance
Lets take an example:You install a software which require  1 GB RAM and you install it in 500 MB RAM and run that software.May be that software start ,but won`t work smoothly as it should work.
How To Fix:
  • Consult your computer assistance or do  check the software requirements before installing it.
  • Make sure it is brought from the trusted person and infected free.
  • Try To Buy genuine products.
 4.  Lot Of Data In Cache And Temporary Files:
If you have lot of files in Recycle Bin or lot of cache in browser then there can be a situation where you have to face some errors like "So and So Software Not Responding" After That You Get Option Of Restart And Close.
Recycle Bin is not a place that does not use your space of hard disk.It also uses the diskette space.So don`t think that you recycle things and save some space.
How To Fix It:
  1.  Make sure that you delete your personal hood in the chrome or any other device you are using.
  2. Empty your Recycle Bin regularly. 
  3. If you have lot of files in your quarantine folder of Anti Virus then make sure to delete that files.

  • Reason Why Your Mobile Freeze:
    • Rooting or Jailbreak acts:
 I am  pretty sure that you feel happy when you root your mobile devices but dear that`s not the end your problems have just started.Jailbreak and Rooting may change your device appearance but makes it slow and useless. Company  have original software that are developed by the advance programmers.So don`t think that programmers are fool as they have not given those things in your mobile/smart phones.
    • Lots Of App Installed:
There may be lot of apps installed in your mobiles that will definitely effect your device performance and make it dull to use.

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