[Reason]Why Megaupload Is Not Working Properly Now?

Mega upload is a site which provides you free space for hosting your files and folders along with lot of images.But Mega upload is not working properly from last many days.I have received many questions in my forum why megaupload is not working?Does megaupload working there?Why megaupload is not working.

Here Are The Reasons!
  1. Server in some countries is down!
    • There are many countries in which the megaupload server is down and they are just fixing the problem for that
  2. Problem In Your Browser:
    • Mega Upload developers have made some changes in their site functioning.There may be a case where you don`t be able to see the site
3.  Problem In Google Chrome:
    • The  new Google chrome is in beta state .If you are using that browser try to switch to Mozilla Firefox for some time and try to load the site again.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 , 0 Comments