Why Cant I Get Views And Likes On Youtube Videos?

Many times you face a situation like this when you don`t get the views and likes to your posted videos.Youtube is a video viewer powered by Google.com.There are thousands of videos uploaded each day over there and that`s why such situation arise when you does not get the views on videos .
You Tube VideoIn this tutorial i will explain you the reasons and how to fix the problem

  • Video Quality and Topic of Video:
The Video quality matters a lot and the content you have uploaded should be in trends.
for example:You have Posted a new Video on Topic: Jailbreak iPad and there are no searched for such topic then your video is of no use.
In case of any tutorial you uploaded and the quality is bad that viewer does not see the video clearly then that will effect your views definitely 
  • You have uploaded a already uploaded video:
There may be possibility that what you have posted is already present on you tube.You must search before you upload any video.
  • Improper title for the video:
You must choose the title of the video in such a way that the viewer choose your video if there are many same videos.Try to put convincing titles for the users.
  • Use Social Networking Sites:
You  must be having an account on any social networking site like Facebook.com and many other.Try posting your video on them as this is the best way to generate views for your videos

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