How To Convert YouTube Videos Into Mp3 Online

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There are many cases when a user wants to convert any song on youtube into .mp3 format or .wma or iPhone Compatible or iPad Compatible format but don`t know how to convert it.So now it`s really easy to convert any youtube video into different formats like .mp3, .wma, mp4,.3GP and lot`s more.For that you just have to visit an online portal giving you this service for free of cost.It`s really easy to convert it.
The question that may come in your mind is why clipconverter?
The reason is clipconverter help you in no demands.It means you don`t have to pay anything.Moreover the quality of the song or other video remains intact.So i Prefer you to choose for converting youtube and many other sites videos.
Steps To Convert Video Online:
  1. Visit The Site -
  2. Paste Your Video Under -"Media Url to Record'
  3. Select Your Conversion Format
  4. Press the continue Button.
 The Site will upload the clip from you tube and after that it will give you a link to Download the video.Click That link and your Video will be downloaded in the format you chose.

You can Even Make Your Conversions Faster By Using The Addons Features!

Thursday, February 23, 2012 , 2 Comments


  1. Oh! You can convert from YouTube To Mp3 in a single step only by just copy-paste of URL of the song.

    1. The link you have given just converts into mp3 only...