How To Register Whatsapp For BlackBerry Smartphones? 100%Worked

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Are you using Whatsapp on your blackberry phone may be blackberry 9000 series or older and after one month whatsapp want a registration code for your app.If you are searching for a registration code that you can use to make your app work again then it`s possible now.This problem is common in Blackberry Torch Phones especially.The solution provided below can also be used for android and iPhones as they sometime also get the notifications of registration code.

Why You have To Give Registration Code?
Actually Whatsapp is a free app but you might downloaded the app from blackberry store instead of whatsapp official site.This is the only reason you have to register your whatsapp after 30 days or after a year.What ever way you use like changing day and date to increase the days left.But friends this is not possible because these are smartphones and developers are also very smart!

How To Get Rid Of Registering Whatsapp for blackberry?
 The only way is to install the whatsapp again from the whatsapp official site instead of blackberry app store.

  1. Before Starting Please Uninstall Your Already Installed Whatsapp .
  2. Go to Whats App Site
  3. After Opening the site Choose Your Phone i.e. Blackberry
  4. Download the App .That`s it no there will  be no need of registering app it always free.

  •  If the downloading does not start then do the above steps again .
  •  Please wait for 5 minutes before the app starts because it takes some time to initialize and uploading.
  • Please shut your Task Killer Applications as it  will shut it down 
  • Also Check Your Security Status As sometimes it comes in the way of installing the app

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