5 Things That Ban Your Adsense Account !

Is your Account Got Blocked and You don`t know the reason.Wanna protect your account before you loss it?Adsense another name of Google ads firm.Adsense is a Google official advertisement company that give space to both advertisers and publishers.Adsense is the most known advertisement company in the world and most of the big corporate industries prefer adsense than any other advertising company.
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In short adsense acts as an interface between publisher and advertisers.Most of the bloggers prefer this company to show ads on their blogs.One major reason behind that is the high CPC(cost per click).CPC or Cost Per Click is actually the money or the revenue that a publisher gets when any visitor click in his/her blog.CPC rate of the Google is high due to which a publisher paid more by adsense than any other company.Users using the BlogSpot.com to for hosting their blogs can more easily Sign Up for adsense than wordpress or other services.

Every day around 1 thousand adsense users lost their adsense accounts and their all money if less than 100$ go along with account and publisher get nothing accept disappointment.This article is specially for those publishers whose adsense accounts have been banned or at the verge of getting banned.There are many reasons for block of adsense account but here I am listing a few important of them.
Reasons That  Ban/Block Your Account
  1. Clicking Own Ads-
    Many newbie publishers and bloggers get so much excited after getting acceptance of Adsense accounts that they don`t even read the Terms and Conditions that are mentioned by Adsense before completing the process of Sign Up.They are new in the world of blogging and due to less traffic they don`t get clicks.They click the ads using others computer or browser and think Google won`t know about it.
  2. High CTR rates:
    If you have just started using Adsense you must be wondering what is CTR rates .CTR,Click Through Rates which tells the frequency of clicks on their ads with respect to number of visits on your site. E.g. when you get 100 visits or ad impression and a single click then you CTR % will be 1%.Due to lack of handsome traffic initially ad impressions are less and when someone click on your ads then the CTR is high which results in block of account.
    You must not show ads as soon as you create a new blog.Give some time for good traffic and then show ads at appropriate place in site that your CTR remain low.Most preferred CTR is less than 1%.If you have more than 3 or 4 then remove your ads quickly otherwise you will loss your A/c.
    Yesterday my friend`s adsense account got banned because some idiot person made 200 clicks in an hour and the page impressions were only 300 only (for that day).His account got banned and his money which he was going to receive on 1st of next month also gone with the account.Google don`t know who is doing that and this resulted in his loss.
  3. Improper Ads Customization And Placement:-
    Adsense now allows you to customize your ads according to your site colors,fonts and looks.But that does not mean that you can get more clicks by changing the color and Adsense won`t ban your account.If you use such tricks to make a ad more like text in your blog then, you are just going to loss your account soon.Better show ads properly.
  4. Showing More Than 3 Ads:
    Adsense does not allow you to show more than three ads including text,image and links.You never require more than three ads if you place each ad at a appropriate position.
  5. Showing Sexually Explicit Content With Ads:-
    Google adsense does not show ads on each blog.It is one of the terms of Adsense that “If you show ads on a sexually explicit ” content then your account will be blocked.
There are many other reasons too as everyone can not understand the exact Google Adsense algorithm to ban an account.I prefer you to read this article and other articles to keep up your knowledge.Once you loss your account you will perhaps never get it.We are helping Google Adsense by doing silly things and giving the earned revenue to the adsense.You can even use Analytics to analyze your account..If you have any other reason in your mind then please comment here and tell me!

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  1. thanks for sharing, I just remove the adsense ads on my blog