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Labnol is the most renowned site for World.latest news is that about that site is that it has changed to new wordpress theme and as it has become a trend that now people are claiming for the new labnol theme to download with various contest to share their site and then get the theme of labnol by Amit Agarwal.I am fully not in favor of such activity because the person who is your idol and you him for your mean pupose.Here i am giving you a clone of the new wordpress theme which looks completely like labnol as i said earlier.
This new labnol theme is adopted from the themify and themify is the paid website of wordpress theme so there is no chance to get the theme for free.But here you will get the theme for free and there is no contest you have to follow before using it.Yes you heard right no hidden demands from you everything for free.
This new theme is really awesome and fanstic console you are provided by wordpress after installing this theme.You can adjust the theme in different colours as these are provided by theme itself
But before i give you the free theme of the Labnol here is the
Feature Of This New Theme:-

Labnol Like Theme for wordpress
Labnol WordPress Theme
  • Advance Editing Tool:
With This Labnol tool you are getting an advanced tool where you can update every thing about your theme.Yes its right you can change the everything in you Appearence Option in your Wordpress Dashboard.You can change font,favicon,font colour for different section and lot` s more at a same place.
  • Elegant Look:-
The theme is really elegent and awesome with the showcase.You can have that theme as it is used by the Blogger TyCoon Amit Agarwal.Rest you can think yourself .This clone is actually a real clone of the labnol with everything that Amit sir enjoy.
Please Note:- I am demanding anything for myself .But please do me a favor just put a link of .

This is the console you get with this theme of labnol
Here also I am providing you two demo:
  1. Themify original Preview
 Guys Hope You liked the new Labnol Theme.This new theme is having such features that no one can give you for free.Labnol like theme you are getting for free.No need of entering into any competition for getting this template.Enjoy this giveaway and make you wordpress a new labnol look today for free.Have a happy wordpressing

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 Just Visit the Themify Link And Get all details

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  1. Very amazing and thanks to the person who made this theme I could not run without the maker of this clone. It's about as close as you can get to Labnol theme. Labnol recently changed again and looks different but I like this theme, i like the fact that it comes with 4 different looks so I don't exactly mimic labnol itself i wanna look a little different.

  2. But that one is a licensed one and using this theme without the permission of Themify and without a license is completely illegal.. Could you please tell me, how are you saying its free of cost.... If I dont a have a license for the theme I will be sued by the Themify...

    1. Sahil, you are right about this free theme.I know you can not contact themify after installing it from here.I have uploaded this theme for those million bloggers who don`t earn a single dollar from their site daily.they can not afford a membership of themify.If you site can generate enough revenue, then I suggest you to have a membership of themify.All the best.!