Download The WIndows 8 Codecs SharkPack Free

Windows 8 Codecs are the most important software that is required for kick starting the new Windows Customer Preview.In this new codec you will be getting support of the many file extension that does not work anyway.Windows 8 have not fully launched yet and even though a full help guide windows does not provide a collection of codec for extension.This is a codec collection by shark codes by which you don`t need to keep searching the codec for particular video format.This collection of codec included .amr,.mkv,.flac,.ogg,ogv,rmvb,xvid and other 10 extensions.Unlike language Pack for windows 8 this program is easy to use and much fast.
This codec can be easily added to Windows Media Player just by right clicking.This new Windows 8 Codec Collection have some good features which are listed below/

  • It has a update notification criteria which will notify when a new update will come.
  • It allows to setup Bitstream Audio by Single Click
  • This new program unlike Windows 7 Codec Provide You the same list of codec and some more with a fully easy integration.
Click this image to download from softpedia

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