Earn Money From E-Promotions -A Scam [Review]

Are you a needy and searching for some good way to earn online and having a good income from online.Yesterday I came across an article about E-Promotions.E-Promotion is actually another way to earn online.It includes all the non skill jobs that a person can do especially youngsters for their pocket money.E-promotion is a set of surveys,games,ads,reading mails.All these things to earn online without any registration fee or any hidden money.It was a good article i must say.But when at last it gave few examples of site that are paying you some good money for giving you views and earning from them.All the value of the article came to a big zero.Those sites were a totally mess.I am not saying all the sites there are scams but most of them were a big scam.
Many blogger dream of getting paid well with their blog but unfortunately it is not everyone luck to get good revenue from blogging.Most of the bloggers before entering into the field try these e-promotions technique and try to earn by some shortcut.I am a live example of that.But now i have understand working home is easy but still you won`t be paid well.
In cyber world , e-promotion is growing constantly as the companies are growing and they require some reviews about their product and that`s why they pay the reviewers.But now many persons have misused that technique and have started the misuse of that feature.But the novice visitors never understand what has happened with them.Here the reviews of some of the sites which were mentioned there.Firstly I will suggest you some good and faithful sites.

Inbox Dollar is a site which is offering it`s user a free registration incentive of 5$.Yes once you Sign Up there ,you will be paid 5$ and rest you can earn yourself reading mails,surveys and other stuff.You can have coupons for free after registration.Coupons are of good brands like Cadbury,Nestle,etc.But this site is having a minus point too, only USA residents can join it.I liked the site and reviewed it properly.There are good facebook likes on the site which is a status symbol for a reputed site.I will give 7 out of 10 to this site.
Prizelive is is also deals with the e-promotion by playing games,reading mails,making referrals and earning more.But the most attractive thing of this site i think is the forum.Forum is provided separately for the users to talk and remove their queries out of mind.This site is having a good reputation and visits of around 10k daily.So trying to earn here is not a bad idea.But friends the amount of earning is very low here.After previewing few payment proofs,there was on average 3$ earning .This much earning is really very less after working for few minutes daily.This is the only reason the prizelive is at number two here.So you can have a good estimate now before trying to Sign Up there.
This site must be an average site.Not so genuine that you can trust it blindly.Mostly used by US people.Good reputation but poor interface.This site gives you various coupons,prizes and prefer these things instead of money in form of cash.It`s having hulk coins and when you get enough coins you can redeem your prize.Since i did not tried it so i have no knowledge about how they give their users money and about the payment method.
Here comes a first site which is totally a mess.Scam is another name that this site deserve.Nothing genuine,All copied contents.No visits,poor rating and a big fooling site.So never try to move to this site.

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