Free Download Best 3 Antivirus [With Review]

 Are you searching for the best antivirus that you can download for free.Then judge yourself which is the best antivirus for you and download that antivirus.No trail versions i.e. complete setup with full versions.Antivirus needs no introduction in today world.Most of us are familiar with this world.The thing that most of the users especially net users are in doubt is “Which antivirus is best?” They post such questions on many forums.Generally antivirus is not what everyone think of.Anti virus software is an application program that no not only prevents your system from viruses but also from many other malicious infections.
Anti-Virus are users first need for starting his/her PC.Many user keep their antivirus updated and that`s really important because everyday some new infection grow and update make the anti-virus aware of that.Today Anti-Virus software are helping in Internet Security too.So here are the three most used and best antivirus software that are available for  free.Starting with the highest priority
Symantec Norton Anti-Virus
Why Norton-Antivirus?
Norton Antivirus software is most efficient anti-malware software too.Norton Antivirus has some plus and some weak points.
Plus Points:-
  1. Norton is the most advanced anti-virus that detects and eliminate most of the viruses more faster than other software.
  2. Norton installer takes few seconds to install the software into your PC/Laptop
  3. You can turn-off the firewall and other features separately according to your need.
Weak Points:-
  • Norton slow down your PC little bit more than other software.But that problem is reduced in the latest Norton 2012 Internet Security
  • It require more compatibility features than other anti-viruses like 1 GB RAM for proper functioning.
As a whole Norton is best for those you don`t want to take any chance with their PC and this is what Norton is made for.
Panda Anti-Virus
Panda Antivirus is placed at second level because of it`s one drawback listed below.Panda Anti-Virus has recently launched their new Panda Global Protection 2012 antivirus which gives you 360* security.
Download Panda
Plus Points:-
  1. Virtual Keyboard-This feature prevents your password from going into wrong hands.
  2. File Encryption- This make your files more safe on internet connected system
  3. Parental Control-Parental control feature is included in the new Panda
  4. Best User Interference in blue and transparent
Weak Points:-
  • Large Memory Space requirement for panda makes the system slow and dull.System failure or hang is common with the panda.(This is reduced in new somewhat)
  • Difficult to install it and connection of net is required frequently.
AVG Antivirus
Avg Latest Antivirus
This antivirus though at third level but its a choice of the most of the users who use internet or other media sources frequently.This antivirus has got many awards for smooth functioning but it has few weak points that led it to at number 3.Download AVG 2012

Plus Points:-
  1. Updating is not necessary in it and the updating files are small in size due to which easy to download.
  2. Memory usage in this case is very less so it does not affect your system working at all.
  3. Using AVG is easy and subscription problem is also not there.Unlike Norton which gives only 1 year subscription,AVG gives you unlimited time subscription
Weak Points:-
  • Non detection of many virus.AVG anti-virus claim that it detects all viruses but my personal experience say that it does not.
  • Unable to remove high Risk Viruses:-AVG software is not able to remove all threat.
Download Anti-Virus
If you have decided now which antivirus is best than don`t waste time .Download the anti-virus software from their official sites or for free version you can search them at or
For Panda Antivirus-Download the trial antivirus from the and after that use the serial key

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