How To Change Font of Blog Via Google Web Fonts

Some Cool fonts
 Now Google has given us a new opportunity to change the font of your blogger blog.You can apply different font for different section of your blogger like sidebar,footer,heading etc.Google has given its users a hosting space where they can choose their font.Once they choose their respective fonts they can add a link and then new font will be updated on your site.Many times you want to make your site attractive but lack of proper guidance prevents you from getting that visitor -your site deserve.May be someway it`s blog rank that keep your blog away from visitors.But what if a visitor cam to your blog and never want to leave it?
Some Good CSS and Font Style can help you increase your visitors.These fonts are avaialble on the google web fonts .There are around 10k different fonts which can make your blog/site a well nourished and awesome showcase.These fonts are powered by by Google Api

How To Change Your Font
This Session is divided into two parts.
  1. Choosing a Font
  2. Setting the font for Different Section i.e Sidebar,Footer etc.
1.Choosing A Font From Google Webfonts 
  1. Visit The Google Web Fonts Site
  2. After That Choose The Font Your want to select.You can choose various ways like searching,selecting the width,thickness also.
  3. Add the selected Font to your Collection By Clicking on the –“Add to Collection” on the right hand side.
  4. After That Click on the “Use on the Right Hand Bottom”
  5. Copy The Code from the site which may look like -
  6. <link href=''  rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
  7. Add this code just after <Head> Tag in Your Blogger HTML Code
2. Setting the Font to different Section:-
Now in this section You have to apply your font to particular section or complete blog.This may vary with each blog but the basic is same.Here it`s according to our blogger template.
1.Choose the section from your blog like sidebar or post font.
They may look like #Sidebar- For Changing the font of Sidebar
                              .post- for changing the font of whole post
                              .body – for changing the font of the whole body font.
For example if you choose  .body add
  font-family: 'Cantata One', serif;

.body {font: "Sail", "MS Serif", "New York", serif;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
border-top: solid #e7ce00 medium;
border-bottom: dotted #e7ce00 thin;
width: 600px;
color: #e7ce00;} 

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