[How To] Download Anti-Malware Software For Free

Searching for a best anti-malware program to download for free and remove your malicious infection!
Before you get a Anti-Malware Program , have some short bio on what is Malware. Malware is the other name for the malicious software that users use everyday because no body wants to buy every product when they are available for free.Malware disrupts the functioning of your computer and makes it a dumb machine.It effects all the sensitive files of windows like .dll system files,.exe files and many more extensions.Malware attack is generally not predicted by most of the antivirus but few can detect them too.Malware actually is a group of all infections that can effect your system performance.Malware includes viruses,worms,spyware,adware and many other malicious software.There are many malware software available online but I recommend you Malware-Byte Anti Malware software

How Malware Affects Your Computer
    Anti-Malware From Malware Bytes
  • Malware attack may not allow you open any .exe file ,my computer,my documents,system files and even anything .
  • When ever you will click on any file/folder you get a notification of Malware infection.
  • There may be a chance your Windows Protection start scanning for malware and you can also use that software for removing the malware but before you use it you have to pay some bugs.
  • You may not be able to download any Anti-Malware or Anti-Virus Software.
How To Remove Malware
You can easily remove the malware infection by installing an Anti-Malware Software.This software will detect all malwares and make your PC malware free.
  1. Download the Anti-Malware Software (you may use your friends pc for this because your infected PC will not allow you any download)
  2. Reboot your system in Safe-Mode
  3. After that install that Anti-Malware software (trial version)
  4. Reboot your PC normally and scan your PC with anti-malware software

Anti-malware software will detect your malware infections and other malicious software and after that remove it

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