How To Install Language Pack In Windows 8

Language Pack for the Windows 8 is already present in Windows though you have to download it from Windows Official Site.There is no need of installing the language pack from any 3rd party site.Windows 8 Customer Preview is launched recently and it`s natural that users may face many problems using the new Windows 8.Microsoft Windows 8 has some new stunning features that till now around 10 million downloads have been made.It`s just a demo of the new Windows 8 for the user what will happen when the new Windows 8 will be launched.
Windows is a world wide used brand but in case it`s not in your default language then using WIndows 8 can be difficult for you.You can change the language to your native language in just 5 steps and after that your common language will be set as the deafult language for Windows 8.
Here are the steps:-
  1. Open The Control Panel by going to the right hand side corner of the start screen or Open Run Program and Type control.exe
  2. In the Control Panel Window,Click on the “Add a Language” under ‘Clock,Language and Religion
  3. After that click on “Add a language” option
  4. Windows have a set of all languages-choose your desired language
  5. After choosing your language press ‘Add’ Option.
  6. Click on the Download Link provided by windows.”Download And Install language pack”
  7. Press Save Option 
Enjoy the New language pack
Image Help

Run Window For Starting Control Panel (Step1)   

Click on "Add Language"

Choose Your Language (Step 4)

Click on Download and install language pack

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