How To Save Crack/Keygen From Anti-Viruses

Crack/Keygen files are always an enemy for Antivirus-programs.Anti-Virus remove them as soon as we download them.Many times these cracks or malicious programs are important and we can not download them again and again wasting our internet data.Below there is a way by which you can not protect your files/folders but also save them from attack of Viruses/Malwares.
There are many ways to protect the cracks and compressed keygen in your computer from the Anti-Viruses.
Making An .ISO/.NRG format file
click to enlarge and see properly
 The file format above is actually a format of read able image that can not be changed once made.This will remain saved in your simple words it is like a CD that does not need to be inserted in CD-Rom all the time.It`s actually a read only data
How to Make .ISO/.NRG format image?
For making an .ISO format file you need Nero.Nero is a software that can help you creating a .nrg file that will not be read by Anti-Virus software.Nero is used to write CD/DVD and here we are using NERO for the same but instead of writing the data on CD we make a Image of that and store that in system hard disk.
  1. First of all open Nero Smart Start.
  2. Just add the files and cracks/key gen.Choose the name of your CD or DVD
  3. After that Click On Image Recorder and choose the destination where you want to store that image of CD
  4. After that Click on “Add Files” to add the crack or keygen
  5. After adding them click on Burn.
That`s it.Your Image will be stored for ever and will not be detected by Anti-Viruses.
How To Use The Data Stored In Image?

Once you have made the image next thing come is that how to use that data which was saved in the form of image in hard disk.For that you have to install DAEMON Tools.Daemon tools is a software which is made for reading these files only.You have to add these files and after that Daemon will make a separate drive(this drive will be like a CD/DVD drive in your My Computer) where the image data can be used .

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