How To Set New Timeline View On Your Facebook FanPages

The facebook has recently launched new feature of timeline for the profile of the users and groups in which various new features like Cover Pages and Column Preview was introduced.Now facebook is planning to introduce timeline view on the Fan pages/custom pages of the users.This is automatically be effective from the 30 March on all the pages .But if you want to preview how your page gonna look in the new timeline view you can use the feature provided by facebook now.Even you can publish the new timeline view on the already created facebook pages right now.
Facebook has taken a serious step for the  the business planners by launching this new Timeline Preview

  • How To Preview New Timeline
    1. Open this Link of The Page Status
    2. After that Facebook will show you list of the pages that you admin.Choose your page and click on "Turn On Preview" Button on the right hand side of each page.(You can also use Turn On All Pages Option if you want to publish new timeline on all fan pages now)
    3. You will see the page in the Timeline view after that.
    4. If You want to revert it back to old view click on the "Your Old Design" or close the window of the timeline view
  • How To Publish/Set New Timeline View On Facebook Pages
    •  Just Follow the above steps after that follow the below step:-
    1. Click on "Publish Now" Button to set permanent timeline view on your facebook pages.

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