How To Track Your Website Using Google Analytics!

Are you having a site/blog and seeking for some site that can track your visitors flow ,geographical location  of the top visitors,their time spent on site ,searches details-organic or referral then Google Analytics is best for you.It`s a free service provided by Google.Google Analytics give you all details apt and continues.You can get your site details of the visits and lot`s more which is beyond the scope of single post here.If you want to know more about Google Analytics then you can read their blog i.e.
There are many cases when you want a tool to analyses your site performance but unfortunately you don`t get a well function able source for that .But Google Analytics will not even keep tracking your site but also make your site performance even better.You will get the detail information about the enter page and leaving page.

  • For Blogger Blog:
    1. Visit The Google Analytics
    2. Click The Sign Up Button
    3. Fill The Details and After That Accept the Terms And Conditions 
    4. Click The Accept Button
    5. After That You Will Get the "Tracking Code" Copy That Code
    6. Paste That Code just before the </head> tag in your Edit HTML Section in Blogger
Thats it .Now keep visiting the site for the latest details.

Google Analytics Sign Up
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Google SignUp Part3
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