Is Your Password Safe in Browser? Check Your Privacy

Password is a sentence or phrase or combination of words and numbers.Many sites suggest you about using alphanumeric characters in your password and making it most complex for prevention from any hacks or scams.Today every site in which you enter your details provide you a password so that no one else can access and modify your details until and unless he/she know your password.But what if some unknown user get your password even if you have taken all measures to keep your password private?

Hacking is common now days and many professionals are working day and night to make the web safe and private.But, the common user who uses net with basic knowledge remains under risk all the time.You may be 100% sure that you are safe on net but actually you are not dear, here is a good example--- Facebook is the most used social network and its having the most qualified staff at work yet many users lost their account,their accounts get hacked and they can do nothing after that.Friends there are few things that we have to be alert of while using the web .Antivirus software add firewall to your system but these firewall will not prevent you all the time and in all ways!

Lets take an example of your Bank Account Password.Internet Banking is very popular in most of the countries and this has made the life of the people much easy but what if all your money got lost and you have left with nothing.Shocked ? but yes it`s possible in someway and depends on you.

Here I am discussing about the fact that how your password can be used by someone very easily.Many new browsers like Chrome,Firefox give you an option of “Remember Password”.No doubt if you are on your personal computer/Laptop you click on Remember Password without thinking a second what you are doing.This is really a good way to prevent yourself from remembering password of each account on internet.But dear, you have just entered into a rattrap now.Confused?
No body knows where firefox,chrome actually saves the password and whether they can read the saved password! Here I have given an example of Chrome Browser which is used by most of the internet users today.Follow the below steps and this will definitely give you a shock about your privacy and how much your passwords are safe.When I did it for the first time i got a mild attack about how much insecure my passwords were.
How To See Your Saved Passwords
  1. Click on the wrench on the right upper side of the chrome browser
  2. Click on the Option
  3. Select Personal Stuff
  4. Click on Manage Password
  5. After that you will get the list of all the password that are saved in your chrome along with the doted password
  6. As you move your cursor on the password you will see a option “Show” and this is how your password is seen.
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Take the help of images if facing any problem in exploring your passwords.
Now you would be thinking that it`s not a big problem as no one else is going to use your laptop/PC.But what if anyone use your laptop just to check his inbox and take all your password along with that? My friend bet me that i can not tell his facebook password but i did the same and he was having no words to say after that.
How To Protect Your Passwords?
Next question may come into your mind about how to just get rid of this problem and it`s very easy .
  1. In the Personal Stuff Option , click on Never Save Passwords.
  2. For clearing your saved passwords click on the Under The Hood option
  3. After that click on clear browsing data and after that check saved passwords option and click on click

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