Display Your Image In Google Searches In One Step!

Recently Google has started showing the name of the publisher along with the image of the person who is the owner that blog.This is possible now to show the image with every post you publish.In good language it`s called authorship.This feature has now become common but still many user/bloggers don`t try it because of the lack of knowledge about HTML tags and coding. That` s the reason they are unable to enable the authorship feature.Authorship does not effect the SEO any way but it improves your skills of presentation.The day i saw myself in Google Searches ,I was so happy and frolic as if i have achieved something big.
This post is made for those them only.Follow a single step here and you will get the feature enabled with your all blogs that you have made.Yes,you read right this new way to enable authorship will show your image for all the blogs you own(Specially for blogger users)

Way to Enable Authorship
  1. Make a good Google Plus profile  ,upload your image,photos,add some some friends (If you have not signed up first sign up at Google plus)
  2. While editing  profile,add the URL of the blog you own in the Google Profile Under Contributor to in the right hand side(See my profile for example)
  3. Now go To Blogger.com and there you have to switch you blogger profile with the Google+ plus profile.if you don`t know the how to do that please read this article – Switch Blogger To Google Plus (Do not worry it is so easy with images i have provided within)
  4. Then you check whether it is working properly or not at the Google Snippet Tool
Please wait for atleast 1 hour after doing the third step as Google take some time.
Why You Should Enable Authorship Feature
  1. It`s a free service by Google so why not enjoy it
  2. Since there is lot of competition on web and due to this if you enable authorship visitor prefer your blog then other because it will have good image of your blog with that image you put(in simple words it will attract the person to visit your blog)
  3. My personal experience is that after enabling authorship, the traffic has raised a bit and now i have got some good friends in my circle after enabling the authorship.
Feel free to ask any query.I am here for my visitors .:)

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