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Zurker is a new social networking site that has been made by an Indian Web Developer.Zurker is not providing a Sign Up without invitation.So many users are seeking a way to enter into this new era of Social site.At present this site is having around 17k users .Though new but fast growing social networking site Zurker is setting many new goals in web industry.

Why To Join Zurker ?
The first question that come into your mind is why to join this new tiny site when there is a big monster facebook around us.The answer is little weak but according to me Zurker is more defined and apt.Today you create 100 facebook accounts,some time your account gets hacked,Many users use abusive language and other things that make facebook little insecure place today.But it does not mean that facebook is nothing .It is the fast growing network in whole world.Zurker is only made for Indians and the creator is young as of the facebook.
The best thing about the Zurker right now is that it`s making you the owner if you bring the referrals to the site.It`s giving you the vShare according to which you get share for each friend who sign up on your invitation.For the first i day you get 2 vShare for each referral and after that it will lower to 1 vShare/referral.Don`t worry you can see your name in list after referring only 5 friends like my name in the list.

Stats of The Site
The alexa rank of Zurker for today is 155k and 20k in India so it`s not too bad at initial stage.The developer has provided a graph showing the growing trend of the site which is really appreciating.See the stats below showing the number of users from different places.It`s open for everyone now but the site is having .in extension.
Bad side of Zurker-
Though,Zurker is very fast and easy to use but it`s not having that much graphics and designing initially like facebook,Google plus etc.
The Photo Uploader and Home page is not yet super cool like facebook.But with time it will develop as the facebook has develop.

Get Invitation For Zurker:-

So are you interested in becoming a part of Zurker.Just give it a try and use it for day or two and feel the changes you feel after going back to facebook or other network.I would love to hear your views.


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