Get Upto 16 GB Free DropBox Space

DropBox is a free hosting provider where you can store your pictures,songs or can use it in million ways as you wish. Dropbox initially give you 1 Gb/2 Gb data but many users are in need of more space so they make the new account and implement many tricks to get more space.
{Review} Using DropBox :-
DropBox Share Blogger
Once I used DropBox, i just forget all other space providers like Google cloud ,etc as it`s the best and fast way that take few seconds to upload your content.As the name suggests it makes an online Secure box for your data that is safe and sound.No need of worrying about the virus infections,data loss problems.I have uploaded many pictures,scripts,CSS codes and many other things on can even check a previous post on how to upload CSS files for free on dropbox.
How it Works:-
DropBox actually creates a folder in your computer(But it don`t use your computer space) where it show you your DropBox content.You just have drag and drop your content into that folder and it will automatically be updated on your online space.And another good thing about is that optimisation of your data is very easy.For ex. I have a .txt file in my DropBox folder and i want to edit it.Then I will just move to that folder and open that file and then will edit and save it.DropBox will automatically update that file at online place.
It also provides you public link for each file so that you can share that file with the friends,colleagues etc.
How To Get Extra Space.
Recently i got a mail from dropbox customer care with subject “Get upto 16 GB space”.So here i am giving you that trick of getting upto that much space.This trick is very easy and best way to increase your space.You just have to invite your friends and for each referral you will get 500 MB free space and this is valid even for those users you have already have a dropbox account.So don`t worry you have to find users you have not made DropBox account yet.Here is that link I got.Use this link or check your email if you have received any offer like this.
Ways To Refer
At present DropBox is providing you three ways i.e. are
  1. Entering Email Address and Password
  2. Entering Email of each Friend
  3. Sharing Link For facebook or twitter 

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