Pre Order Chetan Bhagat New Novel "What Young India Wants" @ 48 Via HS18

HomeShop18 is giving the newly launched novel "What Young India Wants"by Chetan Bhagat in a very minimal price of rupees 48.Chetan Bhagat is the renowned novelist from India is known for it`s art of writing."What Young India Wants" is going to release on 6 August.So you can pre order it from HomeShop18.

How To Pre-Order Novel
  1. Click Here to visit the page.
  2. Add the novel in your cart.
  3. Login /Register the site.
  4. Use the Coupon Code get the discount of Rs. 50 on the book of Rs.98.GCDFYNFZ15CN
  5. Pay the remaining payment i.e equal to Rs. 48
You can even pay by Cash On Delivery.

Saturday, August 04, 2012 , 1 Comments

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  1. hi,

    punch into google search PERCEPTION AND RELATIVITY- VADAKAYIL.

    this post has been written specially for chetan bhagat.

    like amartya sen , so is chetan bhagat! ulterior motives rule!!!

    capt ajit vadakayil