Google Domains: Future of Domain Registration

Google after providing the blogspot service to let people blog what they wish to, has today came up with a new plan of registering the domains itself. If you are a blogspot user, you might have seen a GoDaddy link for registering your custom domains and using it for your blogspot blog.

After Dropcam taken by Google, it has again starting this new service keeping itself again continuously leading in all industries. For web, domain registration is must and today we more than 1 billion domains and every domain user has to pay handsome money after regular period. I think keeping all this in point Google has finally starting this new service. Moreover, now GoDaddy tie ups with Google may be shaken as they have become competitors for each other.
  It`s not that Google will start registering domains for blogspot blogs only, it is providing various features for other hosted websites too.

Few Features at a glance:

1.       Private Registration
If you are website owner, or you are seeking for a domain, private registration is must for today. By this actually you can prevent yourself from being shown on sites which show description about the domain like expiry date of domain, contact details of registrar etc.
2.       Branded Emails:
By registering domain from Google, I am hoping not to pay extra for custom emails. As many uses Google Apps for Business for managing their emails, calendars etc. After this service, we can hope not to pay extra for that.
3.       New Domain Ending
Though many domain registrar are providing the custom extensions for domain like, .io, .it etc. , with Google we can easily get such domains and many more which are not yet shown.

Though for now, this service if limited to invitations only. They are in beta state and looking for people who can help them with feedback and can test their new service. If you have bought a domain before and can actually give some good ideas and suggestions, Google Domain is looking for you. You can read more about its features at Google Domains.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 , 1 Comments

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