How to upload animated gif images on twitter?

Twitter has recently launched a new revamped feature to add images in the post that are animated. Many user has not tried it and still searching it online. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is also gaining popularity and no body know in future, it has better number of users than any other top social sites. In this new update of adding animated imaged, twitter has actually gain interest of many users. Many user seeking to use that and use it to make it look good and somewhat beyond the edge.

#Note: The animated images are generally with .gif extension at the end. But it`s not mandatory too.

Uploading a gif images is same as uploading a normal .png or .jpg images.

The steps are as followed:

1. After visiting twitter, open the compose tweet box.
2. While writing your tweet, you will see an option to add photo.
3. Simply select the animated images and tweet.

How to find the animated images ?

If you are failing in finding a image that can animate, then you can follow below steps :
1. Open
2. Search your image in same way but along with it add a keyword .gif or simply make it keyword.gif
e.g. if you are searching cute baby pic, just search cutebaby.gif or cutebaby .gif
3. Open the image and see if it`s animating or not.
4. Simply save that image and use it for Twitter.

Thursday, June 19, 2014 , 0 Comments