How to use AWS services without credit card

Amazon Web Service i.e. AWS is a cloud computing or web services that make up a cloud computing platform by Amazon. Many cloud services are available over internet sphere like Bluemix of IBM, Azure of Microsoft, Google cloud platform etc. Even though there is a free plan initially, the major reason why developers are unable to start with these services is the need of credit card for signing up. So, this post is majorly for those users who are looking for an alternative of Credit Card of starting with any cloud service.

How to solve the problem?
This can be achieved by using the Virtual Credit Card. As the name says itself, these are created online and you don`t need to visit any bank branch for issuing it. You just have to create a virtual credit card and add some initial cash into it by using any debit card. After that, you will get the credit card number which you can use for signing up.
Here I am using Entropay service for making a VCC i.e. virtual credit card because it`s comparatively cheap (takes only 5% of the amount as service charge) and minimum balance to be added is just 5$.

  1.   Create an account on Entropay.
  2.  Create a Virtual Card in it and top-up card to start using it. Just do a top-up of 5$.
  3.  It will generate a credit card number, Use that 16 digit number on AWS signup form.
Entropay credit card creation

  • You need to add that these services take credit card details so that they can deduct money from it any time you use their service beyond their free range. Generally, when you are new with any service, you do honest mistakes but it may cost you dollars. In case of AWS check their free tier page for all the exact figures of usage that is covered under free plan.
  •  There is also a way to set an alarm in AWS with CloudWatch service for sending you a notification whenever you are charged for using any service.
So I won`t say it is completely free way to use AWS services but by paying a very minimal amount, you are getting an year of subscription. Still facing some issues, shoot your queries below.

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