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After moving from my hometown to capital for pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Science, I set an aim not to become an engineer having only theoretical knowledge, rather, maximum practical experience. From day 1, I have tried to learn something interesting and curative everyday. Technology has always been tempting and exciting, motivating me to have a hands-on on it. Having basic knowledge of the website development gained during blogging in class 11th and 12th, I planned to take it to next level. Started with PHP in first year, I never looked back, build various projects and currently working on Angular JS.

FoxYeah at 91 SpringBoard
During B. Tech, I joined many communities with an aim to learn and grow technically and socially. Along with this, I got selected as Microsoft Student Partner for 2014-2015 year. I have seen that most of the community starts with a bang but lose the pace with time. After joining Mozilla Delhi community, my perspective changed totally. The journey started with the help of Sanyam Khurana, Core-Contributor in Mozpacers. I was following Mozilla for a long time and always appreciated their contribution to Open Source community and fight against “Privacy of User”. While participating in AngelHack 2015, I came to know about the Mozilla Delhi and in no time, I joined the community. (Believe me, my decision was not wrong). The journey started with Anup, Bhuvnesh, Ajay, Nikhil, Chirag, Prateek, Harshit, Manraj, Vikram, etc. brilliant minds and the two days of AngelHack were excellent. The leads were so supportive, suggested various ideas, asked for any doubt, etc. We built platform for anonymous chat using Firefox OS and won 2nd prize there.
Starting with the community, it is a small community with dedicated souls and excellent technical knowledge. The community is led by Mozilla Representatives, who are always ready to help and motivate us even after having such a busy job schedule. These guides are like a Family to me as they guide me even in my personal matters which actually enriches the bond. The successful management, strategy building and achievements at international level,etc. goes to them (Leads) to a big extent. The community organize regular meetings discussing the upcoming goals and achievements. Such meetings are essential for governing the individual contribution and resolving any unresolved issue. The events like Dev Sprint, MozCoffee, FoxYeah, etc. gives you a medium not only to learn about the latest in Mozilla and Open Source, but also, interact with the same skilled minds working day-night for community. The next thing I really want to appreciate about this community is openness for everyone to share his/her idea and appraisals for contributing. Recently, one of our lead, AnupMishra, attended MozFest 2015 in London. The way he explained us each and every event and meeting he attended, gave me an illusion of virtually present in the event. Along with this, Ajay, Manraj Singh, Pushpita are selected for Leadership Summit, 2015 for representing Mozilla there. (Isn`t that amazing?).
In terms of individual growth, Mozpacers played an incredible role. The first thing I learnt was the use of Trello and Slack applications used to manage the to-do tasks, maintaining record of completed tasks, moderating and mentioning individual contributors pertaining to individual tasks. After attending the Moz Coffee and FoxYeah events, I realized that the strength of this community is its member only, always ready to share their knowledge and debugging the errors in code.
Attending FoxYeah
What makes me an effective contributor?
  • I have represented Mozpacers at AngelHack,2015, where we developed an anonymous chatting platform using Firefox OS and won second prize.
  •  Participated in devising ideas for community website,
  • Tried to attend maximum meetings and actively contribute in decision making, devising new ideas, etc.
  • Contributed in Notification management system for Mozpacers events and updates.
  •  Attended MozCoffee and FoxYeah event.
  •  Added more than 18000 stumbling reports to Mozilla Stumbler projects.
  • Took a hands-on sessions on web-developer tools in college.
  • Promoting FSA program and Mozilla privacy freedom in college.
  •  About to plan a Mozilla Open Source event in college.
  • Always ready to help and share my knowledge.

What makes Mozpacers an effective community?
  • Proper moderation on the flow of the task, giving every task a priority, assigning members to individual tasks on Trello.
  • Conducting regular meetings for decision making, task discussions, etc.
  • Extending the community to Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Faridabad and other cities/states in Northern India.
  • We have established a HowToProcess and actively add to it.
  • Two members already got selected for international conferences. 
  • We have about 30+ core contributors in our community.
  • Actively starting new projects like Community manager, mass e-mail manager & sender, etc. to help our community and to help other communities.
  • Welcoming all Open Source lovers and technology enthusiasts.
  • Leads devise new and innovative ways to motivate everyone actively.
  • Promoting women contributors, WoMoz.
  • Collaborating with other communities like DuckDuckGo.
  • Have added more than 19 lacs reports in Mozilla Stumbler.
  • A community, where you love to contribute and no body insist you to contribute.
  • A community where members enjoy and work at the same time.

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