Mozpacers - Sharing First Hand Experience

After moving from my hometown to capital for pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Science, I set an aim not to become an engineer having only theoretical knowledge, rather, maximum practical experience. From day 1, I have tried to learn something interesting and curative everyday. Technology has always been tempting and exciting, motivating me to have a hands-on on it. Having basic knowledge of the website development gained during blogging in class 11th and 12th, I planned to take it to next level. Started with PHP in first year, I never looked back, build various projects and currently working on Angular JS.

FoxYeah at 91 SpringBoard
During B. Tech, I joined many communities with an aim to learn and grow technically and socially. Along with this, I got selected as Microsoft Student Partner for 2014-2015 year. I have seen that most of the community starts with a bang but lose the pace with time. After joining Mozilla Delhi community, my perspective changed totally. The journey started with the help of Sanyam Khurana, Core-Contributor in Mozpacers. I was following Mozilla for a long time and always appreciated their contribution to Open Source community and fight against “Privacy of User”. While participating in AngelHack 2015, I came to know about the Mozilla Delhi and in no time, I joined the community. (Believe me, my decision was not wrong). The journey started with Anup, Bhuvnesh, Ajay, Nikhil, Chirag, Prateek, Harshit, Manraj, Vikram, etc. brilliant minds and the two days of AngelHack were excellent. The leads were so supportive, suggested various ideas, asked for any doubt, etc. We built platform for anonymous chat using Firefox OS and won 2nd prize there.
Starting with the community, it is a small community with dedicated souls and excellent technical knowledge. The community is led by Mozilla Representatives, who are always ready to help and motivate us even after having such a busy job schedule. These guides are like a Family to me as they guide me even in my personal matters which actually enriches the bond. The successful management, strategy building and achievements at international level,etc. goes to them (Leads) to a big extent. The community organize regular meetings discussing the upcoming goals and achievements. Such meetings are essential for governing the individual contribution and resolving any unresolved issue. The events like Dev Sprint, MozCoffee, FoxYeah, etc. gives you a medium not only to learn about the latest in Mozilla and Open Source, but also, interact with the same skilled minds working day-night for community. The next thing I really want to appreciate about this community is openness for everyone to share his/her idea and appraisals for contributing. Recently, one of our lead, AnupMishra, attended MozFest 2015 in London. The way he explained us each and every event and meeting he attended, gave me an illusion of virtually present in the event. Along with this, Ajay, Manraj Singh, Pushpita are selected for Leadership Summit, 2015 for representing Mozilla there. (Isn`t that amazing?).
In terms of individual growth, Mozpacers played an incredible role. The first thing I learnt was the use of Trello and Slack applications used to manage the to-do tasks, maintaining record of completed tasks, moderating and mentioning individual contributors pertaining to individual tasks. After attending the Moz Coffee and FoxYeah events, I realized that the strength of this community is its member only, always ready to share their knowledge and debugging the errors in code.
Attending FoxYeah
What makes me an effective contributor?
  • I have represented Mozpacers at AngelHack,2015, where we developed an anonymous chatting platform using Firefox OS and won second prize.
  •  Participated in devising ideas for community website,
  • Tried to attend maximum meetings and actively contribute in decision making, devising new ideas, etc.
  • Contributed in Notification management system for Mozpacers events and updates.
  •  Attended MozCoffee and FoxYeah event.
  •  Added more than 18000 stumbling reports to Mozilla Stumbler projects.
  • Took a hands-on sessions on web-developer tools in college.
  • Promoting FSA program and Mozilla privacy freedom in college.
  •  About to plan a Mozilla Open Source event in college.
  • Always ready to help and share my knowledge.

What makes Mozpacers an effective community?
  • Proper moderation on the flow of the task, giving every task a priority, assigning members to individual tasks on Trello.
  • Conducting regular meetings for decision making, task discussions, etc.
  • Extending the community to Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Faridabad and other cities/states in Northern India.
  • We have established a HowToProcess and actively add to it.
  • Two members already got selected for international conferences. 
  • We have about 30+ core contributors in our community.
  • Actively starting new projects like Community manager, mass e-mail manager & sender, etc. to help our community and to help other communities.
  • Welcoming all Open Source lovers and technology enthusiasts.
  • Leads devise new and innovative ways to motivate everyone actively.
  • Promoting women contributors, WoMoz.
  • Collaborating with other communities like DuckDuckGo.
  • Have added more than 19 lacs reports in Mozilla Stumbler.
  • A community, where you love to contribute and no body insist you to contribute.
  • A community where members enjoy and work at the same time.

How to use AWS services without credit card

Amazon Web Service i.e. AWS is a cloud computing or web services that make up a cloud computing platform by Amazon. Many cloud services are available over internet sphere like Bluemix of IBM, Azure of Microsoft, Google cloud platform etc. Even though there is a free plan initially, the major reason why developers are unable to start with these services is the need of credit card for signing up. So, this post is majorly for those users who are looking for an alternative of Credit Card of starting with any cloud service.

How to solve the problem?
This can be achieved by using the Virtual Credit Card. As the name says itself, these are created online and you don`t need to visit any bank branch for issuing it. You just have to create a virtual credit card and add some initial cash into it by using any debit card. After that, you will get the credit card number which you can use for signing up.
Here I am using Entropay service for making a VCC i.e. virtual credit card because it`s comparatively cheap (takes only 5% of the amount as service charge) and minimum balance to be added is just 5$.

  1.   Create an account on Entropay.
  2.  Create a Virtual Card in it and top-up card to start using it. Just do a top-up of 5$.
  3.  It will generate a credit card number, Use that 16 digit number on AWS signup form.
Entropay credit card creation

  • You need to add that these services take credit card details so that they can deduct money from it any time you use their service beyond their free range. Generally, when you are new with any service, you do honest mistakes but it may cost you dollars. In case of AWS check their free tier page for all the exact figures of usage that is covered under free plan.
  •  There is also a way to set an alarm in AWS with CloudWatch service for sending you a notification whenever you are charged for using any service.
So I won`t say it is completely free way to use AWS services but by paying a very minimal amount, you are getting an year of subscription. Still facing some issues, shoot your queries below.

Google Domains: Future of Domain Registration

Google after providing the blogspot service to let people blog what they wish to, has today came up with a new plan of registering the domains itself. If you are a blogspot user, you might have seen a GoDaddy link for registering your custom domains and using it for your blogspot blog.

After Dropcam taken by Google, it has again starting this new service keeping itself again continuously leading in all industries. For web, domain registration is must and today we more than 1 billion domains and every domain user has to pay handsome money after regular period. I think keeping all this in point Google has finally starting this new service. Moreover, now GoDaddy tie ups with Google may be shaken as they have become competitors for each other.
  It`s not that Google will start registering domains for blogspot blogs only, it is providing various features for other hosted websites too.

Few Features at a glance:

1.       Private Registration
If you are website owner, or you are seeking for a domain, private registration is must for today. By this actually you can prevent yourself from being shown on sites which show description about the domain like expiry date of domain, contact details of registrar etc.
2.       Branded Emails:
By registering domain from Google, I am hoping not to pay extra for custom emails. As many uses Google Apps for Business for managing their emails, calendars etc. After this service, we can hope not to pay extra for that.
3.       New Domain Ending
Though many domain registrar are providing the custom extensions for domain like, .io, .it etc. , with Google we can easily get such domains and many more which are not yet shown.

Though for now, this service if limited to invitations only. They are in beta state and looking for people who can help them with feedback and can test their new service. If you have bought a domain before and can actually give some good ideas and suggestions, Google Domain is looking for you. You can read more about its features at Google Domains.

How to upload animated gif images on twitter?

Twitter has recently launched a new revamped feature to add images in the post that are animated. Many user has not tried it and still searching it online. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is also gaining popularity and no body know in future, it has better number of users than any other top social sites. In this new update of adding animated imaged, twitter has actually gain interest of many users. Many user seeking to use that and use it to make it look good and somewhat beyond the edge.

#Note: The animated images are generally with .gif extension at the end. But it`s not mandatory too.

Uploading a gif images is same as uploading a normal .png or .jpg images.

The steps are as followed:

1. After visiting twitter, open the compose tweet box.
2. While writing your tweet, you will see an option to add photo.
3. Simply select the animated images and tweet.

How to find the animated images ?

If you are failing in finding a image that can animate, then you can follow below steps :
1. Open
2. Search your image in same way but along with it add a keyword .gif or simply make it keyword.gif
e.g. if you are searching cute baby pic, just search cutebaby.gif or cutebaby .gif
3. Open the image and see if it`s animating or not.
4. Simply save that image and use it for Twitter.

How to use Nokia Headphones in PC

Are you the one facing problem in using Nokia Earphones / Headphones with computer. Generally user hear voice but the voice in bit fade and user only listen the background music properly. So if you are facing such type of problem, there is an easy way to solve this problem.

How to use Nokia Headphones ( For Windows User)
  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Search for “Sound”.
  3. Open the Sound Window which looks like below

    Sound Dialog Box
  4. Right Click “Headphones” and Choose Properties.
  5. In Headphones properties dialog box, Choose Levels tab.
  6. Click on Balance.
  7. Now just turn any one of Right and Left to 0 and leave other on volume adjustment bar.

    Sound Dialog Box with Balance Option

Problem will be solved. Let me know if problem still remains. 

Is Your Password Safe in Browser? Check Your Privacy

Password is a sentence or phrase or combination of words and numbers.Many sites suggest you about using alphanumeric characters in your password and making it most complex for prevention from any hacks or scams.Today every site in which you enter your details provide you a password so that no one else can access and modify your details until and unless he/she know your password.But what if some unknown user get your password even if you have taken all measures to keep your password private?

Hacking is common now days and many professionals are working day and night to make the web safe and private.But, the common user who uses net with basic knowledge remains under risk all the time.You may be 100% sure that you are safe on net but actually you are not dear, here is a good example--- Facebook is the most used social network and its having the most qualified staff at work yet many users lost their account,their accounts get hacked and they can do nothing after that.Friends there are few things that we have to be alert of while using the web .Antivirus software add firewall to your system but these firewall will not prevent you all the time and in all ways!

Lets take an example of your Bank Account Password.Internet Banking is very popular in most of the countries and this has made the life of the people much easy but what if all your money got lost and you have left with nothing.Shocked ? but yes it`s possible in someway and depends on you.

Here I am discussing about the fact that how your password can be used by someone very easily.Many new browsers like Chrome,Firefox give you an option of “Remember Password”.No doubt if you are on your personal computer/Laptop you click on Remember Password without thinking a second what you are doing.This is really a good way to prevent yourself from remembering password of each account on internet.But dear, you have just entered into a rattrap now.Confused?
No body knows where firefox,chrome actually saves the password and whether they can read the saved password! Here I have given an example of Chrome Browser which is used by most of the internet users today.Follow the below steps and this will definitely give you a shock about your privacy and how much your passwords are safe.When I did it for the first time i got a mild attack about how much insecure my passwords were.
How To See Your Saved Passwords
  1. Click on the wrench on the right upper side of the chrome browser
  2. Click on the Option
  3. Select Personal Stuff
  4. Click on Manage Password
  5. After that you will get the list of all the password that are saved in your chrome along with the doted password
  6. As you move your cursor on the password you will see a option “Show” and this is how your password is seen.
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Take the help of images if facing any problem in exploring your passwords.
Now you would be thinking that it`s not a big problem as no one else is going to use your laptop/PC.But what if anyone use your laptop just to check his inbox and take all your password along with that? My friend bet me that i can not tell his facebook password but i did the same and he was having no words to say after that.
How To Protect Your Passwords?
Next question may come into your mind about how to just get rid of this problem and it`s very easy .
  1. In the Personal Stuff Option , click on Never Save Passwords.
  2. For clearing your saved passwords click on the Under The Hood option
  3. After that click on clear browsing data and after that check saved passwords option and click on click

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